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Mostly sunny
Sunday March 26th, 2017 | Updated 1:28 pm

Clear Skies.

The sun is out, and although we haven't seen any buns out yet, we have seen a lot of smiling, tanning, faces. Trails are in excellent shape and the sunshine is helping to soften things up a bit. Temps around the hill are hovering in the high-20s, a bit cool than originally expected, but we like cold.

Today, ski and ride on all 78 trails accessed by 8 of our 9 lifts. (Crews are performing some maintenance on the Bonaventure Quad today) Upper mountain lifts are scheduled to spin at 8:30 AM, just after lower mountain lifts start off the day at 8:00 AM. As always, last chair for all lifts is at 4:00 PM. 

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Ski The East Extreme Comp Finals are TODAY. Head up top to the Face Chutes to cheer on the competitors and see some very gnarly skiing go down. 

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Mostly sunny


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Snow 24 Hrs
0-0 in 0-0 cm
Snow 48 Hrs
4 in 10 cm
Snow 7 Days:
16 in 41 cm
Base Depth
30-60 in 76-152 cm
Season Total
463 in 1176 cm
Packed Powder // Machine Groomed
Lifts Open
8 of 9
Trails Open
78 of 78

Photo of the Day

First Flakes

By Andrew, on Mon, Feb 16, 2015

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Growing up with four seasons grants direct entry to several different sides of nature throughout each year. For those of us raised in them, we become accustomed to the cycle as an embedded part of our lives, but to those looking from the outside in, seasons are something to be sought out and engaged. 

Can we look back and remember our inaugural winters? Moments like that first flake touching down and melting on exposed skin, or the first handful of snow impulsively squeezed into a ball? These moments may marginalize as our minds bury them in time, making it difficult to recall the very first snow in our lives, but we can remember the ways we enjoyed it. Experiences like building forts and digging tunnels into snowbanks or trudging through the deeps to pack down a sliding trail as it stretches further with every pass; it's these cultural customs that stick to the head and the heart.

Although we can't physically go back in time to relive those first experiences, we can appreciate them through the eyes of others. Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting the Castro family. Residing in Florida, Steve and his wife Cindy decided it was time to take a family trip with their two children, Olivia and Andrew, to show them winter for the first time. We caught up with the kids at the moving carpet for some of their first turns on snowboards, and here's what they had to say about winter.

JPR-             What was it like feeling snow for the first time?
Andrew-      "It's nice and fun. I think of it as cold sand."

JPR-             Cold sand huh, never thought of it that way. What are some things you like about it?
Andrew-      "I like making snowballs, and I get to throw them at my sister."

JPR-             Are you going to miss it when you leave?
Andrew-      "Ahh, probably."

JPR-             What's it like being in snow for the first time?
Olivia-          "Cold, it's cold, really cold. I'm from Florida so..."

JPR-             What have you done so far?
Olivia-          "We built a snowman, went sledding and snowboarding, and I like to have snowball fights. I had one this weekend."

JPR-            So it's cold and you've tried a few activities now, what do you think of snow?
Olivia-         "I like it. You don't get hurt in it."


As we grow, our memories build around experiences that in turn shape our perceptions of the world and how we act in it.  When we think back to recall early moments in our lives, our minds tend to reconstruct these pieces of the past based on our present perspectives, so our memories are subject to change in time. The word memory originates from the Latin term memor, meaning "mindful", and if we don't remember our first snow, it's ok. As long as we stay mindful of our collective winters, we can continue traditon and trigger old memories, while making new ones together in the snow. 

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