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Monday January 16th, 2017 | Updated 7:46 am


**The Aerial Tram and Green Mountain Flyer are currently on wind delay.**

Our Grooming crews are out on the hill now reshaping and turning over a slew of trails. Yesterday, our trails were fast and firm, but began to give way later in the day in some of the more sun-exposed areas; we expect a very similar day today.

Sounds like this week’s bout with wind is finally coming to an end. It’s calm at the base this morning with temps hovering in the mid-teens. With this low wind, we don’t expect for Lift Maintenance to have any troubles getting our chairs moving this morning.

Today, we hope to ski and ride on 66 trails serviced by all 9 of our lifts. Upper mountain lifts are scheduled to spin at 8:30 AM and include: The Jet Triple and Bonaventure Quad. Lower mountain lifts start things up a tad earlier at 8:00 AM and include: The Metro Quad, Taxi Quad, Village Double, and both Stateside and Tramside’s Moving Carpets. As always, last chair for all lifts is at 4:00 PM.

Snowmaking continues on Vermonter today, all trails accessed via Vermonter will be closed until efforts there are wrapped up. 



Join us in the Tower Bar on Tramside from 4-7 PM for our Ski & Ride Social, learn about all things Jay Peak and link up with an instructor (or tour guide) that suits you. Find out more info here

Like funk, or just good music in general? Kung-Fu invades Jay Peak Saturday, February 25th. Click HERE for tickets. 

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Snow Report

Snow 24 Hrs
0-0 in 0-0 cm
Snow 48 Hrs
3 in 8 cm
Snow 7 Days:
9 in 23 cm
Base Depth
21-49 in 53-124 cm
Season Total
198 in 503 cm
Machine Groomed // Frozen Granular
Lifts Open
7 of 9
Trails Open
66 of 78

Photo of the Day

The Jay Peak Pump House indoor waterpark is a place for well-earned leisure. A place to experience the mountain when the mountain may have beaten you momentarily. A place where you can surf, climb, float the Big River like a boss or sit out a rough day. A place where the movement of the water does more than keep you entertained. It actually moves you.

The only way to guarantee access (other than visiting on a lodging package) is to purchase in advance, online. Please note that Jay Peak Move Up gift cards are only valid on property at the resort and cannot be used for online purchasing.


The Pump House operates during limited hours from September through mid-November. Guests arriving Monday-Thursday will not have access to the waterpark.



Read on for details on all the waterpark features.  You can also get a better look with the park map.  Some rides have height and weight restrictions, including:

  • La Chute: at least 48" tall and must be at least 88 lbs but not more than 250 lbs
  • Double Barrel Flowrider: 42" tall to boogie board and 52" tall for stand-up surfing
  • Slides: Kids at least 42" tall can ride with an adult. Must be at least 48" to ride alone.

For safety reasons, the slide towers may be closed for a period of time if we experience thunder and lightning. Refunds will not be issued due to inclement weather resulting in a partial closure. Attractions will be reopened as soon as thunder and lightning passes from the area.

Please note that guests are not permitted to bring any outside food or beverages into the Pump House Indoor Waterpark. The Drink and The Warming Shelter are both available on-site. Check out all on-property restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and bars HERE.

La Chute


French for, you’ll scream your face off (or The Drop, whatever), La Chute stands an impressive 65’ in the air (take or give) and actually protrudes from the building in a more than foreboding way.  Rides enter the tube, cross their arms and legs then wait for the countdown.  3.  2.  1.  45 miles per hour, a full 360 degree rotation and roughly  6 seconds later, they’re arrive at the bottom.  Forever changed.  You will be too.

Double Barrel Flowrider


A cross between skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding (minus the kneepads, sharks and snow), Flowriding has become all the rage thanks to the forgiving nature of what it takes to learn (you bounce on a surprisingly soft platform and not Reef coral).  Those with a modicum of athletic ability will be up and carving in no time.  Those without any?  Well, see La Chute above.  Or better yet, take a lesson.  Go here and learn more.

Big River


Named after the famous Johnny Cash tune (unless someone is looking for resulting royalties, then it was just our Marketing folks doing their thing), our Big River winds lazily around the border of the entire park.  We stop short of calling it a Lazy River not only because that seems sort of weak, but because it’s anything but; lazy we mean.  With rapids around several turns, exploding depth charges and strong currents, a few laps on our River will leave you loving Big River when she calls (see annotated lyrics).

Mill Pond Kids Play Area


Our nod to the smallest within Raised Jay Nation, Mill Pond has a graduated entry point perfect for small, nervous feet, a wild play structure with requisite water cannons and thing a mabobs and a tipping sap bucket, that we only fill with hot syrup during late March when our Maple Trees are bursting.  Bring your pancakes.

Indoor and outdoor hot tubs


Tuned perfectly to between 100 and 104 degrees (it sounds hot-you’re in Vermont), our indoor and outdoor tub each hold up to roughly 20 people (or holds 20 people, roughly- depending on your approach) and are the perfect spots for a post-powder soak or a pre-round sit.  A good place to strike up a conversation or pass the time with a pal, come winter head outside and watch the snow fall while you stay at eye level under the water-like a gator.  Remember, there will be bubbles.

Elevation 1851' Family Arcade


1851 refers to the number of feet you are above sea level.  Family refers to, you know, people in your family.  And well, arcade-ours has the most advanced/state-of-the art video, 3D and ride simulator games the industry offers.  And skee-ball, we have that too.  Many games offer up tickets so you can get junior that spider ring she didn’t know she needed until she landed.  Honestly though, one of the best places to burn an hour pre or post Park and the perfect spot to drain the sugar from the kids.

The Warming Shelter Snack Bar


Our Waterpark Snack shack named after the very first snack shack we ever had at Jay Peak.  This name made a lot more sense when it was outdoor and served Jay Peak’s first thirsty skiers but, alas, our marketing folks aren’t ones to quibble with confusing copy.  The Shelter serves chicken fingers, pizza, burgers and such and also a selection of Ben and Jerry’s treats, slushie drinks and other things kid’s demand and parents fear.  You’ve been warned.

The Drink poolside bar


Expertly situated with perfect sight lines of the carnage along Flowrider, our fancy Jumbotron screen, and big western views of our Aerial Tramway and Tram House Lodge, The Drink, really, is where it happens to be at these days.  Order frozen drinks, a variety of light snacks and a wide range of draught beers, cocktails and wines, all the while soaking in the biggest view in the park.  Pro tip?  Think beach wear and not mock turtle neck come winter (if you’re thinking mock t you’re prob not here anyway but, safety first); we’re talking 86 year round degrees.

The Wave Surf Shop


Forgotten your suit?  Want a rasher to protect the goods on Flowrider? Dying for a PumpHouse commemorative, yet somehow miniature, surfboard?  Yes. Yes. Yes.  The Wave has all of it-plus a wide selection cool of logo wear, beach stuffs and anything else you may have forgotten from home because you completely forgot we had an indoor waterpark.