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Guests are strongly encouraged to mask indoors.
Masks are required to ride the Tram, on our Shuttles, at the Climbing Gym, and in the Spa.

Weather by Tim Kelley

Mid Winter Chill

There's not a lot of obvious weather coming at us. But there are plenty of subtleties.
Mostly we’re just gonna be cold with occasional snow - each time it tries to warm up - then it turns colder again.

After a sunny Saturday with temperatures rebounding from 15° below, to 15° above, by mid day, the heart chill relaxes as clouds build in late and a little bit of snow comes for Sunday morning.
The strong high-pressure system responsible for sunshine and very little wind on our Saturday pushes offshore. And the breeze comes around from the south. That means the temperature will stay above zero for most of us Saturday night with temperatures cracking 20°, maybe, for our Sunday with intermittent light snow. And for a change it looks like the wind will stay down near respectable levels.

Another cold front from Canada comes in Sunday night dropping the temperature back down to 15° below zero Monday morning when the sun comes back and temperatures top out around 10°, but again with some sunshine and not too much wind.

We have a clipper system coming on us Monday night and Tuesday with a bit more of a breeze from the south before the next batch of cold comes in Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Every little change in wind direction comes with a bit of snow.

Let’s just go for 1-2 inches Sunday. Mostly dry Monday.
Monday night and Tuesday probably more like a half a foot.
A few inches more with a Jay Cloud likely Thursday and Friday.

The jury is out on whether there’s gonna be a major coastal storm late next week.
But either way we’ll figure out how to make it snow here of course.

It’s starting to look like we may not have anything but frozen precipitation, or nothing, all the way to Groundhog Day.
This would be me sticking my neck out a bit.

Enjoy the deepest snow we’ve had so far this season this weekend, with a bit of a Sunday warm-up.

Talk again Tuesday.