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Weather by Tim Kelley


That was not 'fool's gold', that was the real deal powder snow that came on April 1 & 2 2021.

A nice foot of snow, that's more snow the first two days of April than the last two weeks of March.

Weather goes by its own rhythm after all.

Who can forget last May? record-setting snowfall.

Now that April started off with the look and feel of March, maybe we can do it again this year.. 

Keep the snow coming and season going - that is.

It’s a wrap for my winter 2020/2021 write-ups here at Jay Peak Resort though.

I’m not one to look back and say “ what if this.. or what if that?“

I appreciate everything that happens, one way or another we always figure out a way to get out on the snow.

The blessing of this winter was that we went January and February without any major meltdown.

So even though we fell short of our usual 350 inches of snow (so far anyway). It is/was a pretty good season all in all.

This first weekend of April features a warming trend, back to seasonable levels, with a good amount of sunshine.

It’s also the first weekend that you might see me on the slopes here at Jay this season.

Yes, I like to save the best for last.

I’ll be sporting some colorful attire, if you see me be sure and say hello.

I’ll be the one on the edge of the trail trying to scavenge any little powder stash that you may have left me on the northside in the shadows.

I feel very grateful to have been a part of this team for another winter.

Hoping that it happens again. But we all know the future is very unpredictable.

For my last forecast, I’m predicting that we can get more snow in April than we had in March.

Maybe starting again next weekend.

See you out there!

Peace & Out.