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Jay Gear

Weather by Tim Kelley

Updated 1/18/19

Too Cool For Words

How about this new and improved weather pattern:  Snow then cold, cold then snow, snow and cold at the same time.

This weekend is cold, then snow and cold, then cold.

With a nice dose of wind to shake the snow globe around.. for anyone who can wait until Tuesday for the 'just right' skiing and weather.

This way overhyped (it is winter after-all) weekend snow storm is run-of-the-mill for us; another 10-20 incher.

We picked up a few inches of snow every other day this week, as the temperature bounced up and down with an oscillating arctic boundary; a boundary in weather is called a front. We call it an arctic front when the air on its North side is sub-zero Fahrenheit.

Yet another Arctic Frontal Passage (Fro-Pa in the vernacular) came with a few inches of Friday snow and is pushing far enough south for some first lift Saturday sunshine, not too windy either, but deploy the toe warmers as we are in the freezer.

Waves of low pressure are strengthening on the arctic front to our South.

A major snow and ice storm rides up Interstate 95 near the coast Saturday night and Sunday. Yes, 10-20 inches of snow is major down that way, but just regular here.

We are on the Northern - colder and drier - edge of this storm.

Snow is here by Saturday dinner time, and may not end until lunch time Monday.

The heart of heaviest snow is midnight Saturday to just about AFC championship time period Sunday. That is 18 hours of 1-2 inch per hour snow, leaning more toward the one inch per hour now, as the higher density moisture is south of us; about 18 inches of low density snow is my guess for Sunday.

Wind from the North becomes an  issue as Sunday wears on; close to blizzard by late day. Temperatures stay below zero F Sunday and Monday. Wind is still an issue Monday, but hopefully subsides enough for upper mountain access. Tuesday is still breezy, but the temperature jumps back to near 20F late.

The next system comes in Tuesday night and Wednesday with at least a little more snow.

The jury is out on placement of several more waves of low pressure along the arctic front for the second half of the week. We MAY actually get a rain drop or two in there.

But either way, plenty of snow ahead of, and behind, any brief wayward mild air.

The big picture is wicked cold and snowy overall, until further notice.

Talk again Tuesday.