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Jay Gear

Weather by Tim Kelley

Feb 21st:

Spring Fever! Don’t be alarmed, winter is not over yet. That said, this weekend we will be cracking the freezing mark each afternoon with sunshine and light breezes. High-pressure to our South (the same system with the cold wind the past couple of days) is delivering its backside beauty.

“Old cold” dry air is now coming from the South and West that’s allowing things to be just right for grooming each night with lows in the teens and 20s at night, paired with highs in the 30s to low 40s during the day. When together, the result is soft groomers all day long.

If the dewpoint stays in the 20s, the snow does not melt as much as sublimate a bit in the higher angle sunshine. You may want a hefty shmear of moisturizing sunscreen, so your skin does not sublimate too. Goggle tan and sunburn season are upon us.

After enjoying this spectacular weekend, we get active beginning Tuesday or so. Light snow may add a little fresh coating before the dewpoint gets to freezing mark or greater. We may also have fog and a drizzle situation Tuesday night. Wednesday looks to be an in-between day, when we may have fog lift a bit with possible drier mild air.

The big-ticket item is likely Thursday. Low-pressure deepens rapidly as it tracks up the Connecticut River. This track presents a window of potential rain before turning back to heavy snow and wind later Thursday into Friday. Details are sketchy from this far out, but I think it's safe to expect double digit snowfall in inches with wind issues as winter roars back in Friday and sticks around for next weekend.

It will only be a fleeting case of Spring Fever this weekend. Winter has a long way to go.

Talk again Tuesday.