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Our Vision

We strive for an authentic, community driven Resort that derives its vitality from the on-mountain experience, respect for its history & what has come before it, and its employees whose energy and spirit are its foundation.

Mission statement

Our focus and responsibility is to our guests and to our family of employees. All that we do is centered toward making them comfortable, safe and valued. We do this when we make decisions in alignment with our core values. We take special pride in helping our guests create unique memories by virtue of offering them a wide variety of recreation options, the highest level of authentically-great service, and honestly welcoming them to what we feel is the most special corner of the world.

Our Core Values

Forethought and thorough analysis precede each and every decision we make at the resort. We benchmark decisions and actions in the context of these following six core values.

1- Service

At a fundamental level, we believe that service is more important than snow storms and water parks. It is something that is completely weather proofed and always 100% within our control. It is more than the guest is always right—at our core, we want our guest to leave with a memory that stays with them, somewhere, forever. It means we look for opportunities to do more than the guest is expecting. It means anticipating on behalf of our guest. It means treating a guest in a way that makes them feel comfortable, cared for and valued. We do this by paying attention, by listening and by valuing the connection between their enjoyment and our success.

2- The Raised Jay Culture

More than just words on paper, this approach cuts across everything we do here at the Resort and provides us with distinction in how we approach not only our jobs here at the mountain but, in most cases, our lives in general. It means working both hard and smart. It is respecting our colleagues, our guests and the environment we’re surrounded by. Raised Jay is evident in the language we use, our willingness to think before we speak, the belief that rest comes after chores, and the limits we’re willing to exceed in order to get a job done right. Raised Jay isn’t about being born or Raised here-it’s about sharing a mindset, across employees and guests, that honors the past at the same time we look forward to the future.

3- Teamwork

Our successes will be predicated on how well we work with each other. How intently we’re willing to listen. Our willingness to over-communicate, to empathize, lend a hand and to try and lighten someone else’s load despite having all we can handle, ourselves, at the moment. We realize that the strength of great teams resides in how far individuals are willing to go in order to create something special. Our team is respectful of our history, both within and outside the community. We understand that our particular chapter is always part of a bigger story here at Jay Peak. We fully embrace the notion that the energy and spirit derived from living and working within our mountain community creates a positive outlook that is easily and frequently noticed by our guests.

4- Safety

We live, work and play in an environment that has lots of moving parts, rapidly changing weather, high rates of speed and a constant state of energy. We are careful to both respect the excitement these various parts create and to be conscious of staying safe within these changing environments.

5- Environment

The mountains we play on, the air we breathe, the water we fish in, and the entire ecosystem we share space with; it’s all our most critical backdrop. We look for opportunities to preserve, protect and enhance—even as we grow. We are open to new ideas on recycling, renewal, and environmental stewardship and make the connection between financial success and our ability to keep our surroundings protected.

6- Enduring

We are all responsible for building something bigger than ourselves and for a longer duration than the end of a single day. Our actions reflect this in the pricing we create, the products and programs we add, the people we employ and the paramount importance we place on helping our guests create their own memories. We feel an inherent responsibility toward creating something uniquely wonderful and a pride in being part of that creation. Our ownership group, executive team and entire staff have invested themselves in creating a sustainable culture, supported by a solid business plan, which places the guest alongside us as we move into our shared future. RAISED RIGHT