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Closed for the 2020 Season. Projected summer opening is May 2021.

At Jay Peak, the phrase “down to earth” means more than the friendly, casual attitude found in everyone who works at the course. It’s actually about the earth. It’s in the beautiful terrain, the natural waterways and the manicured greens. It’s the Northern Vermont woods and the wildlife that watches from within. It’s the little details and big ideas implemented by course designer Graham Cooke. At Jay Peak, your game is enhanced by all of this, whether you’re a PGA pro or a first time hack.

Back nine family time with father and son.


Purchase a voucher for a round of golf for just $59 including cart. Your voucher(s) will be good anytime throughout the 2020 golf season. You'll just have to call or email to book your tee time when you're ready.


The State of Vermont has special rules and guidelines related to interstate travel.  Please click through to learn more.


Jay Peak Championship Golf

Updated July 1st, 2020.

The State of Vermont has special rules and guidelines related to interstate travel.  Please click through to learn more

Guest Experience 

  • All tee-times must be reserved in advance. You can purchase rounds online at or by calling (802) 988-4653. Rounds purchased online must still be reserved by calling (802) 988-4653 or emailing If you book in advance and your visit is affected by travel restrictions, we’ll work with you to move your dates or refund your round, as you prefer.  
  • We have increased tee time spacing to stagger play. 
  • Golf bags should be carried by the player and not handled by anyone except the player. No club sharing or rentals at this time.  
  • Cart staging for daily play will accommodate for physical distancing. Members of the same household can share a cart. Otherwise, one player per cart.  
  • The Clubhouse lounge and locker rooms will not be open. The restrooms in the Clubhouse will be accessible. 
  • Scorecards and pencils will not be issued. 
  • Group play is limited to no more than four (4) players. Only players can be on the course; no “ride-alongs”.
  • The course is set up with limited on-course amenities. Water stations, ball washers, sand boxes, bunker rakes, etc will not be available. 
  • Our golf hole cups have been modified to allow easy touch-less removal of balls, please to not touch or remove the flag stick. 
  • The practice facilities will be only available to those with confirmed tee-times and only prior to their round, based on space availability. 
  • The Clubhouse Grille will be open but offerings will vary based on weather and business levels. Food and drink will be available daily, but the options will vary from simple “grab and go” sandwiches and drinks, takeout options from The Clubhouse Grille, and table service on the patio. Please refer to the Food & Beverage section of the Jay Peak EverClean Plan for more details. 
  • The on-course food and drink cart will also be available on busy days and weekends. 
  • The Pro Shop will be open. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocol  

  • Golf carts will be sanitized before and after each round. 
  • Push carts will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. 
  • Jay Peak EverClean Wellness Stations with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are located at key areas throughout the resort.  
  • Public restrooms will be sanitized, which means wiping down all surfaces and stalls, at least once an hour.  


  9 holes 18 holes
Midweek $37 $65
Weekends & Holidays N/A $85

Early Riser (7-9am)

N/A $59
Twilight (starting at 2pm)   $30
Cart rental $15 $20


Purchase a voucher for a round of golf for just $59 including cart. Your voucher(s) will be good anytime throughout the 2020 golf season. You'll just have to call or email to book your tee time when you're ready. Note: all online purchases are processed in US funds.



(802) 988-4653 |

Canadian guests, with valid proof of current residency, can pay at par with Canadian cash. All credit cards are processed in US funds.
Check out our exchange rate policy 



Memberships Rates
Single full privilege - Adults (18+) $1,499
Couple full privilege - Adults (18+) $2,499
Midweek only (Sun-Thu) - Adults (18+) $599
Single full privilege - Junior (17 & under) $599
Midweek only (Sun-Thu) - Junior (17 & under) $399
Cart rental - Full season (Any Day) $399



Canadian guests, with valid proof of current residency, can purchase their membership at par by cash or check. If you purchase online, your credit card will be processed in US funds.

Hole by Hole

Hole 1

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 410 392 349 327

The first hole is a gentle downhill par four. A good drive that avoids the expressive right-side bunkers will set up a fine view to the large, contoured green. Approach shots should favor the right side, as the slopes will pull shots into the green. It is best not to chase left-side pins, and never go over the first green, as trees and steep grades make recovery difficult

Hole 2

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
3 154 133 133 104

The par three second is accented by a mountain tarn surrounded by age-old boulders. This is a picturesque golf hole that will yield plenty of birdies. However, success will require the proper club selection (never simple on pronounced downhill shots), an appreciation of the wind direction and force, an accurate, bold stroke followed by a well-read and well-executed putt. Making a two on the second will make for a special memory.

Hole 3

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 422 402 374 324

High, hillside tees provide a full view of the third hole. Though the fairway is generous on this long par four, it is best to aim to the left center, as balls will bounce and release to the right. Approach shots to the green must cross a rock-lined stream that cuts through the fairway past the landing area. The green rests on a high plateau and is guarded by a large, right-side bunker. Shots that reach the green will release to the right, so there is no reason to flirt with the bunker.

Hole 4

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
5 570 538 505 484

The path that leads golfers over to the fourth tee complex passes over the Jay Branch Brook, which roars to life in the spring and is always enchanting. This long, meandering par five will reward both power and accuracy. Shots that stay on that elusive ribbon of fairway will roll forever. The green complex is guarded by bunkers and steep grades. However, once on the green, a makeable putt awaits. Four is the long hitter’s dream hole, but staying inside the ropes (in play) is the principal priority

Hole 5

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
3 180 167 121 107

This charming par 3 has a dark side. A lot of trouble will capture errant shots, especially those that go for pins cut over the water and front-right bunker. The safer route is to the left side of the green, and then trust your putter to get you down in two putts. All the greens at Jay Peak have interesting gentle contouring that reward good putts. The challenge is reading the land outside the greens. Illusions abound on mountain courses, which make putting an adventure.

Hole 6

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 384  347 313 276

This par four takes advantage of the natural land that dominates this gentle, uphill golf hole. The left-side bunkers frame the landing area and the green is benched in the raised plateau that follows the left side of six. A good drive will set up a short approach to a well-contoured, tricky green. Avoid going long, as the grassy bank behind the green is a difficult place to recover from. The green complex is bordered on the left side by a hidden stream.

Hole 7

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
5 531 472 435 391

The par five seventh draws you into a very scenic landscape. The fairway gently turns to the right and good shots with your metal wood are needed to keep you out of the deep forest borders. The high green is partially hidden, but the steep slope and long bunker reside. A par or better is a good score. However, steel yourself as the remaining two holes on the front nine are truly demanding.

Hole 8

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 411 380 368 307

The par four eighth plays far longer than the yardage describes. If you have power this is a good time to use it. A well-struck drive will carry the boulder stream that crosses the fairway and reach well up the rising fairway. The green is framed by left side bunkers and rests in an amphitheater-like setting. Take at least one more club on all approach shots as the rise on the green is deceiving.

Hole 9

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 407 367 353 317

The finishing hole of this nine will reluctantly give up good scores. It is essential that the drive avoid the fairway bunkers, as the green is isolated by a deep, rocky stream. A good layup, if necessary, may be a prudent play. The high, grassy bank that shadows the left side of the green is not the place to be. Take dead aim at the pin, as there is simply no good side to miss an approach shot.

Hole 10

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 434 399 358 344

Concentrate on the tee shot over the Jay Branch Brook as the high, plateaued fairway is the only safe haven. The approach to the green requires at least one extra club. Guarded by left-side bunkering and framed by a well of grass, the large tenth green makes an inviting target.

Hole 11

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
5 527 474 414 408

The forests at Jay Peak are a mixture of fir and mature deciduous trees. These attractive trees frame the golf holes to the green. The par five eleventh is characterized by a generous fairway and a subtle continuous rise. Try to stay in the sunshine as the forest still contains brush and old fallen tree trunks that support diverse creature habitats. Eleven provides a scenic climb until you reach the protected wetland forward of the green

Hole 12

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
3 145 129 123 90

Twelve climbs straight north and is aligned against a scenic mountain backdrop. The deep right-side bunker will be one of the most popular on this course. Don’t join the crowd, rather strike a pin-seeking shot to the large, expressive raised green. You are now at the highest part of the course and in a broad valley bowl surrounded by high peaks. Enjoy the scenery of Vermont’s wild North country.

Hole 13 

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
5 568 513 474 405

At 580 yards from the back tee, this is the longest and proudest golf hole on the course. A classic three-shot par five. Even John Daly would need two towering shots to reach this green. A good drive that splits the fairway leaves the golfer with a long uphill layup shot. The green is found on the far side of the rocky outfall creek that cuts across the fairway on its way down from the mountain. The approach shot will appear closer than it is. Trust the yardage and once you reach the green, don’t let up as the green has some interesting contours.

Hole 14

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
3 220 196 141 124

Every course has a diabolical hole, and fourteen gets the nod. This is where being may not be so bad, as the alternative is far worse. The green, shallow in the back right, sits on a high narrow ridge. Deep forested slopes plunge away on the left and right sides, from which recovery is impossible. The only safe area is left and forward of the green. Swing with confidence or maybe guarded optimism. A score on fourteen is a steal.

Hole 15

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 369 335 308 268

From diabolical to friendly. Fifteen is a shortish par four that accepts a not-so-perfect drive. Likewise, the green is approachable by air or ground. The cautions are that you need to get over the wide, off-limits wetland, avoid the rock outcrops and don’t miss the green to the right. On occasion, with a west wind at your back, the long hitters may want to spit in their glove and go for the green.

Hole 16

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
5 527 486 471 443

This mid-length par five provides spectacular views of one of the most popular mountain ski resorts in Vermont. Sixteen runs along a narrow shelf of land, well above the Jay Branch Brook. The fairway is generous in width. However, balls will tend to run or bounce left-to-right, so aim down the left center on drives and when striking metal woods. The high green presents an attractive target. Again, approach the green by favoring the left side, as guard bunkers and deep forest will capture shots to the right.

Hole 17

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
3 175 155 137 117

The last par three at Jay Peak is a strong par three. The elevated tees, benched into a high ridge, provide a fine view of the lower green. The safe play is to start your shot left of the flag and make sure you have enough club to carry the water and sand. Check the tree tops for clues on wind force and direction, as club selection is critical.

Hole 18

Par Gold Tee Blue Tee White Tee Red Tee
4 440 407 343 257

This sensational finishing hole is a sweeping par four, dogleg left. High tees provide a change for a long, “best of the day” drive. A well-struck tee shot to the valley fairway far below is not a bad idea, as the Jay Branch Brook rushes past below the tees. From the landing area, the golf hole climbs to the green, which is nestled against the high, right-sided grassy bank. Deep bunkers below and left of the green keep errant shots from tumbling into the valley. Last chance to make a long putt.


Tee it off

Join us for a round and find out what it means to stay grounded while your game takes flight. 

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Need more information on reservations, dress code, check in, rain check policies and all the nitty gritty details? 

Policies and procedures

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