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This is where we’re supposed to give you a quick introduction about working at Jay Peak. Except there’s nothing quick about what your experiences will be or what our expectations are.  In summary, we will expect you to work hard, to help fellow teammates, to service the guest and to have fun.  In return, we will pay you fairly, let you know that (and more importantly make you feel) valued, and, if you’re so inclined, work with you to help create a career.  Still interested?  Keep reading.


Why Work At Jay Peak?

We’re a team of good-natured folks at the heart and soul of a growing resort community. Our co-workers are our friends, so we happily go the extra mile for each other and our guests. We’re rewarded fairly for our collective efforts and encouraged to pursue individual goals. We’re a family, one that gets to choose its members. 

Employee 1
Employee 2
Employee 3
Employee 4
Employee 5
Employee 6

Our Vision 

We strive for an authentic, community driven Resort that derives its vitality from the on-mountain experience, respect for its history & what has come before it, and its employees whose energy and spirit are its foundation.

Our core values

Get a job that gets results 

We take the notion of turning jobs into careers very seriously.  Working full time in the snowsports resort business can be the holy grail for some. We want those folks here and we’ll work with you to get you where you want to be. It’s not for everyone but we’re not looking for everyone-we’re looking for you.

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Get A Job That Gets Results - Series

The Jay Way stems from the heart and soul of our community and employees, extending through our guests and the times we share. Every job is instrumental in reaching our common goal of delivering the best experiences we can, from making beds to making snow to making calls. Become a valued member of our team today.

The construction for a new 12-plex mountain cottage on Stateside will be dedicated to housing employees who need it, and just down the road major renovations to the neighboring Inglenook Lodge will expand its capacity to accommodate team members too. Both projects combined will offer new housing to roughly 150 employees.

Explore the perks of the peak and employee benefits with our longtime teammate Emile Smith and her family.

More than a mountain, we're a community.

Seasonal Jobs

Whether you’re simply taking a break from the big city, a high school or college student on break or you’re just getting your feet into the workforce, we may just have a seasonal spot for you.  We expect the same drive, determination and focus we do of any of our team members and we’ll reward you the same in return. And if you decide you like it so much you never want to leave, we can help there too.

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seasonal job

Benefits and privileges

At Jay Peak we know our employees are our most valuable asset. The resort strives to provide comprehensive benefits and resort privileges for all employees.

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While at some resorts this can be difficult, we’ve gone out of our way to make it easier here.  We have space for nearly 200 employees in both our recently renovated Inglenook Lodge and our new on-campus Stateside Townhouse area. It’s first come/first served, it’s affordable and it will fill up quickly.  Get to stepping.


There’s almost no limit to the lengths we’ll go to get you here.  Our transportation team makes regular, daily and evening stops at several regional locations-that change seasonally.  Speak with a Jay Peak Human Resource Representative to get the latest details on pick ups, drop offs and where to look for our shuttle fleet.

Vermont life

Skiing and riding, skating, climbing, waterparking, golfing, hiking, and we haven’t even left our campus yet.  In and around the Jay Peak region of Vermont you’ll find everything from serious mountain biking and backcountry skiing to swimming holes, hiking trails and plenty of both nook and cranny for you to explore on your own or with a group.  We think it’s the best of all possible worlds and we have a feeling you will too.

More about our community page

Employee of the month
Dean Zorn

December 2018 - Dean Zorn (Snowsports)

Bill Miller

November 2018 - Bill Miller (Housekeeping)

Bill embodies great work ethic. He personifies positive mind set. And he is supremely organized. Every single curve thrown at him is caught with an over-sized catcher's mitt and with an unwavering confidence that permeates throughout the rest of the team. The best part is that he does it all with an infectious laugh, permanent smile and palpable sense of pride.

Carole McLean

October 2018 - Carole McLean (Food & Beverage)

Carole is always at work on time (which is extremely early) to cover all aspects of prep for retail outlets, breakfast buffets for catering and cooking for Buddy's Mug. She never complains and has a great attitude. Carole makes sure that the guests always have a hot and delicious breakfast. Her Magic Bars and Granola Bars are legendary.

Zachary Simon

September 2018 - Zachary Simon (Lodging)

Zach is what the Raised Jay team is all about. Recently he connected with a mother and son guest over a shared love for Marvel comics. The duo continued to check in with Zach throughout their visit, even involving them in an episode on their YoutTube channel. Zach personalized their experience and made it a hit for this family as he does for many others.

Aimmi Mathews

August 2018 – Aimmi Mathews (Sales)

Aimmi juggles a myriad of responsibility here at the resort and handles them all without missing a beat. She handles prospective and existing clients with humor and grace to provide an outstanding experience. From the accommodation of the most intricate requests to "big days" that need a turn-around, Aimmi is there with a level of maturity, knowledge and wisdom that wins the clients over every time.

Kelly Benner-Campbell

July 2018 – Kelly Benner-Campbell (Snowsports/Summer Camps)

It's no secret that Kelly is a standout employee; just look at all of the hats she has or is wearing here. Primarily acting as the face of the Raised Jay Summer Camps and Ski & Ride School Kelly's schedule is a cornerstone in the management and organization of some of our most demanding guest amenities. She greets parents, children and her co-workers with the same glowing smile no matter the task at hand.

Kelley Deslandes

June 2018 – Kelley Deslandes (Retail)

Kelley greets every guest like they were the first to arrive - always chipper, polite and ready to give the shirt off her back if it would help. She goes out of her way to customize guest experiences and ensure that everyone receives what they're asking for and more. No matter how difficult a challenge may be, Kelley is right there ready to make it happen. She is dependable and personable with both guests and her fellow staff.

Chad Boudreau

May 2018 – Chad Boudreau (Food & Beverage)

Chad is a dependable, trustworthy and knowledgeable employee who is always in a great mood. His goal is to ensure that our guests have the best experience possible. Chad has a desire for fun and positivity that he spreads to his team and goes outside of his normal job functions to ensure that they feel well-supported. Chad's exceptional guest service and interpersonal relationships make a huge difference here at Jay Peak. 

Tanner Nibley

April 2018 – Tanner Nibley (Rental & Repair)

Tanner got through a very challenging Winter month with complete ease while providing patience, attention to detail, lots of explanation, compassion, long hours, organization and much more. He is an incredible asset to the Rental & Repair team and the department would not have been successful without him. Tanner leads by example and his staff start our skiers' days off right.

Christian Lakos

March 2018 – Christian Lakos (Lodging)

Throughout the season Christian has stepped up big time, always to be seen with a smile on his face. He brings a fun atmosphere to work with him every day - his coworkers are always in a great mood when he is present. His work ethic and sense of responsibility promotes a positive work environment and is infectious. A true 10/10 guy.

Larry Mundhenk

February 2018 – Larry Mundhenk (Terrain Parks)

Larry has great attention to detail and strives to constantly learn more about his job. He helps teach his staff the skills that they need to do the job so they can go on to be successful. He has a real sense of pride for his work and guest service and can be seen speaking with guests not only about our terrain parks and how to safely use them but about the resort in general.

Phillip Wood

January 2018 – Phillip Wood (Housekeeping)

Phil is exceptional, organized and even-keeled. You can find him among various departments ensuring that things are running smoothly and helping wherever he possibly can. He is always a step ahead making sure his coworkers have what they need to do their jobs - ask anyone about Phil and watch for a reaction. You'll hear nothing but praise.

Mike Starr

December 2017 – Mike Starr (Security)

Mike has stellar commitment to the guests and employees of our resort. He is constantly going out of his way to be sure that whatever arises in the day-to-day of a Security officer is handled with professionalism, tact and speed. Mike ensures those around him feel supported both by his work and his attitude.

Jason Bertrand

November 2017 – Jason Bertrand (Wedding Sales)

Jason started his career with Jay in the Food & Beverage department and, after a quick stint away, made it back to us through the Wedding Sales department as a coordinator. He immediately jumped in and has become a favorite among staff and, more importantly, brides and guests. Jason has done a great job stepping up and delivering like a pro.

Michael Clark

October 2017 – Michael Clark (Food & Beverage)

Mike was recently given the responsibility to take on and oversee a new department for the Summer 2017 season. He has stepped in and not missed a beat; from scheduling staff to executing many wedding events. Mike has brought some much-needed energy and enthusiasm to the new location - his teamwork and go-get-em attitude is contagious.

Bri Rowe

September 2017 – Bri Rowe (Human Resources)

Bri has been a valuable employee since day one when she started in Ski School admin and we identified her as someone we shouldn't lose. Then we lost her. Then we convinced her to come back. She has the perfect attitude for Human Resources; even-keeled, creative and accommodating but at the same time focused and sensible. We are proud to have her.

Bill Rivard

August 2017 – Bill Rivard (Security)

Bill is an extremely valuable employee for both Security and the Ski & Ride School at Jay. He is a perfect example of what an exemplary employee is - professional, accommodating and personable. Our guests and his co-workers are always happy to be on the receiving end of his pleasant and admirable attitude.

Katie Tremblay

July 2017 – Katie Tremblay (Human Resources)

Katie has worked with the Human Resources department for over 4 years and is the glue that holds it together. She has grown from an administrative clerk to an HR guru with incredible attention to detail and eagerness to take initiative. Katie handles everything that comes her way with clarity, calm and reliability.

Wanda Davis

June 2017 – Wanda Davis (Reservations)

Wanda has worked for Jay for quite some time, and has an incredible amount of knowledge about the resort.  She is a master of the lodging software (Maestro) and puts her heart into her work, always going above and beyond to help in any way she can.


May 2017 – Wendy LaCourse (Reservations)

Wendy’s detailed work enables the group process for hockey business, which brings in over a million dollars every year, to run smoothly for the guests and her teammates. 


April 2017 – Jennifer Daigle (Group Sales)

The best word to describe Jennifer is “team player.” Nothing is beyond her and nothing stands in her way to provide our guests the very best. She’s the first to jump in the trenches, the first to lead by example and understands what it takes to ensure satisfaction.


March 2017 – Carmen Flynn (Housekeeping)

Carmen constantly helps keeps everyone’s positive attitudes going and makes everyone’s day better by working directly with staff. When she works with us it shows that she truly cares and is in it for the team just like everyone else.


February 2017 – Andrew Lanoue (Marketing)

Not many folks know Andrew to be the man behind the lens, but his photos and videos are available for any and all to see. Andrew’s creative eye has even gotten Jay Peak noticed on national TV with GMA, and many others.


January 2017 – Cole Washburn (Housekeeping)

He never complains about questions being asked or how many times he has to show them. He listens to their complaints and comes to me to help with solutions. He has helped so many new employees in our department that we all feel so blessed to have him.


January 2017 – Tammy Bathalon (Food & Beverage)

Tammy is always attentive to details during all events. She is continuously working to make sure food & other services are in good condition and nothing is out of place. Tammy is constantly smiling, never to be seen without a pleasant attitude.


January 2017 – John Hastings (Food & Beverage)

When John received his $40 move up card for the holidays he had all of his employees put their name in a hat. He felt that since they were working just like him they deserved one. He then drew a name and gave his gift card to that employee. 


January 2017 – Adrienne Hurst (Ski & Ride School)

She makes everyone in MKAC’s job easier. Adrianne is always cheerful, even when she has screaming toddlers all around her.


December 2016 – Alex Sullivan (Shipping & Receiving)

Alex is one of the unsung heroes of the resort in the opinion of his department. He’s always reliable, very hardworking and has a great attitude. He has a total “can do” attitude in all that he does.

Gordon Stone

November 2016 – Gordon Stone (Storm Crew/Snow Shoveling)

Gordie has been an employee at JPR for 15 years and had many different job responsibilities in that time. His “can do” attitude is probably his finest quality as he often performs work that crosses over into many different departments.


October 2016 – LeAnn Tetrault (Food & Beverage) -

LeAnn works as an administrative/operations assistant but is happy to assist in any operations that are needed. Whether it’s events, weddings or simply running a Point of Sale she jumps in and makes things happen. 

Jordan Blanchard

September 2016 – Jordan Blanchard (Lodging)

Jordan is always giving his 100% anytime he can fill in for shifts and help at the desk. In addition, he was recently involved in a car accident which left him with a cast on his foot/leg and crutches which made working mobile desk shifts difficult. Jordan quickly volunteered to pick up overnight shifts where he could rest his leg while still showing dedication to his job and the resort.