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For making the 21+22 ski/ride season one of the best. Stay tuned for details on summer ops.
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On sale now from $97pp for unlimited access. Only 100 available per category.
2022 Championship Golf
Will tee off Friday, May 27th. Special $69 day play rate (inc cart) available for a limited time.
Join Us At Jay


This is where we’re supposed to give you a quick introduction about working at Jay Peak. Except there’s nothing quick about what your experiences will be or what our expectations are. In summary, we will expect you to work hard, to help fellow teammates, to service the guest and to have fun. In return, we will pay you fairly, let you know (and more important make you feel) that you are valued, and, if you’re so inclined, work with you to help create a career. Still interested? Keep reading.

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Current Positions


The in-person job fairs planned for the next several weeks have been canceled. We’re still actively recruiting for this winter but community safety is our first priority and with a current spike in Covid cases locally, we can forego this group meet and greets and rely on other channels for recruitment. 

Please continue to watch for updates on virtual, and if/when appropriate in-person, job fairs in coming weeks. 

Why Work At Jay Peak?

We’re a team of good-natured folks at the heart and soul of a growing resort community. Our co-workers are our friends, so we happily go the extra mile for each other and our guests. We’re rewarded fairly for our collective efforts and encouraged to pursue individual goals. We’re a family, one that gets to choose its members. 

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Employee 6

Get a job that gets results 

We take the notion of turning jobs into careers very seriously. Working full time in the snowsports resort business can be the holy grail for some. We want those folks here and we’ll work with you to get you where you want to be. It’s not for everyone but we’re not looking for everyone-we’re looking for you.

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Our Vision 

We strive for an authentic, community driven Resort that derives its vitality from the on-mountain experience, respect for its history & what has come before it, and its employees whose energy and spirit are its foundation.

Our core values

Recruitment Series

Celebrating several lifetimes of loyalty, dedication and service. The Legacy Project explores the journey from our beginnings to where we stand now, while honoring the people who have helped make it all happen and continue to leave legacies of their own.

Enjoy this hefty cache of archived content, mountain tributes from days of old, and personal pieces dug up by employees, friends and family.

The Jay Way stems from the heart and soul of our community and employees, extending through our guests and the times we share. Every job is instrumental in reaching our common goal of delivering the best experiences we can, from making beds to making snow to making calls. Become a valued member of our team today.

Seasonal Jobs

Whether you’re simply taking a break from the big city, a high school or college student on break or you’re just getting your feet into the workforce, we may just have a seasonal spot for you. We expect the same drive, determination and focus we do of any of our team members and we’ll reward you the same in return. And if you decide you like it so much you never want to leave, we can help there too.

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Benefits and privileges

At Jay Peak we know our employees are our most valuable asset. The resort strives to provide comprehensive benefits and resort privileges for all employees.

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Vermont life

Skiing and riding, skating, climbing, waterparking, golfing, hiking, and we haven’t even left our campus yet. In and around the Jay Peak region of Vermont you’ll find everything from serious mountain biking and backcountry skiing to swimming holes, hiking trails and plenty of both nook and cranny for you to explore on your own or with a group. We think it’s the best of all possible worlds and we have a feeling you will too.

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Employee of the month
Sheri Gabriele - Housekeeping

March 2021 – Sheri Gabriele (Housekeeping)

During a recent holiday period, for days stretching into weeks and mostly without days off, Sheri approached her work with an enthusiasm and energy that was unmatched. Sheri refers to the resort's patrons as "her guests" - having never met them before but preparing for them like they were old friends coming for a visit. She is calm, cool and determined to support her team in doing the best they can.

Will Jaarsma - Lift Operations

February 2021 – Will Jaarsma (Lift Ops)

Will is always early for work, goes well beyond what is asked from hi, gets along with all other departments and does it with a smile. Our guests love him and his fellow employees recognize his passion for the outdoor recreation industry. Will has been nothing but an asset to the Lifts team and it resonates throughout the entire resort. He also rips on his teles.

Hayley Young - Lodging

January 2021 – Hayley Young (Lodging)

Hayley has been instrumental in the reopening of the Stateside Front Desk. Her level of proactive communication, detailed follow-through, positive attitude and flexibility to adapt have truly helped the lodging team succeed in the midst of ample changes. She takes great pride in her work, always thinking about her team with a true desire to connect with people and have a positive impact on all.

Pat Tetreault - Maintenance

December 2020 – Pat Tetreault (Maintenance)

Pat has been hard at work getting the resort prepared for the upcoming winter. There are many new Covid-19 safeguards that we have implemented to keep our staff and guests safe. He has built countless sneezeguards, 90 picnic tables and many other features. His ability to get the work done and keep it very cool under pressure has been great to see, even while getting his deer limits filled.

Markus Beutter - Golf Course

October 2020 – Markus Beutter (Golf Course)

After the Covid-19 shutdown, we had to make sudden and immediate decisions on operations for the summer. Operating the golf course was in serious jeopardy. Fast forward 6 months and Markus spent 157 days in a row taking care of the course. He made the best lemonade out of the rotten lemons we handed him. Many may have thrown in the towel, but not Markus. Well done.