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This is where we’re supposed to give you a quick introduction about working at Jay Peak. Except there’s nothing quick about what your experiences will be or what our expectations are.  In summary, we will expect you to work hard, to help fellow teammates, to service the guest and to have fun.  In return, we will pay you fairly, let you know that (and more importantly make you feel) valued, and, if you’re so inclined, work with you to help create a career.  Still interested?  Keep reading.


Why Work At Jay Peak?

We’re a team of good-natured folks at the heart and soul of a growing resort community. Our co-workers are our friends, so we happily go the extra mile for each other and our guests. We’re rewarded fairly for our collective efforts and encouraged to pursue individual goals. We’re a family, one that gets to choose its members. 

Upcoming Job Fairs

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 The East Side Restaurant - Newport, VT 3pm-7pm
Thursday, November 7th, 2019 The Dairy Center - Enosburg Falls, VT 4pm-7pm
Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 The Foeger Ballroom - Jay Peak Resort 4pm-7pm


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Employee 2
Employee 3
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Employee 5
Employee 6

Our Vision 

We strive for an authentic, community driven Resort that derives its vitality from the on-mountain experience, respect for its history & what has come before it, and its employees whose energy and spirit are its foundation.

Our core values

Get a job that gets results 

We take the notion of turning jobs into careers very seriously.  Working full time in the snowsports resort business can be the holy grail for some. We want those folks here and we’ll work with you to get you where you want to be. It’s not for everyone but we’re not looking for everyone-we’re looking for you.

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Get A Job That Gets Results - Series

The Jay Way stems from the heart and soul of our community and employees, extending through our guests and the times we share. Every job is instrumental in reaching our common goal of delivering the best experiences we can, from making beds to making snow to making calls. Become a valued member of our team today.

The construction for a new 12-plex mountain cottage on Stateside will be dedicated to housing employees who need it, and just down the road major renovations to the neighboring Inglenook Lodge will expand its capacity to accommodate team members too. Both projects combined will offer new housing to roughly 150 employees.

Explore the perks of the peak and employee benefits with our longtime teammate Emile Smith and her family.

More than a mountain, we're a community.

Seasonal Jobs

Whether you’re simply taking a break from the big city, a high school or college student on break or you’re just getting your feet into the workforce, we may just have a seasonal spot for you.  We expect the same drive, determination and focus we do of any of our team members and we’ll reward you the same in return. And if you decide you like it so much you never want to leave, we can help there too.

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seasonal job

Benefits and privileges

At Jay Peak we know our employees are our most valuable asset. The resort strives to provide comprehensive benefits and resort privileges for all employees.

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While at some resorts this can be difficult, we’ve gone out of our way to make it easier here.  We have space for nearly 200 employees in both our recently renovated Inglenook Lodge and our new on-campus Stateside Townhouse area. It’s first come/first served, it’s affordable and it will fill up quickly.  Get to stepping.


There’s almost no limit to the lengths we’ll go to get you here.  Our transportation team makes regular, daily and evening stops at several regional locations-that change seasonally.  Speak with a Jay Peak Human Resource Representative to get the latest details on pick ups, drop offs and where to look for our shuttle fleet.

Vermont life

Skiing and riding, skating, climbing, waterparking, golfing, hiking, and we haven’t even left our campus yet.  In and around the Jay Peak region of Vermont you’ll find everything from serious mountain biking and backcountry skiing to swimming holes, hiking trails and plenty of both nook and cranny for you to explore on your own or with a group.  We think it’s the best of all possible worlds and we have a feeling you will too.

More about our community page

Employee of the month
Hope Iula - Childcare

August 2019 – Hope Iula (Childcare)

It's easy to see that Hope is in her element at the Childcare center. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of Child Development shine as she goes above and beyond to make children feel nurtured and comfortable while treating parents with the utmost respect and attention. She radiates the kind of energy necessary to engage with a room full of exploring toddlers and is, by nature, a loving and sweet woman who we are so blessed to have on our team!

Pat Tetreault

June 2019 – Pat Tetreault (Maintenance)

Pat performs outstanding work for so many departments across the resort. He beats the clock constantly and maintains an upbeat attitude no matter the project or deadline challenge he's up against. Pat's woodworking craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous and it's clear that all of his projects are a labor of love. His humble pride is admirable and Jay is lucky to have him!

David Levin

May 2019 – David Levin (Maintenance)

David's independent approach is very helpful to many. He will notice an issue and provide a proactive strategy in getting it resolved. Whether it's a soap dispenser needing changed or moving a concession trailer, David enjoys being totally involved. His "take ownership" attitude has a trickle down effect from our staff right down the Jay Peak's guests.

Jocelyn Desrochers

April 2019 - Jocelyn Desrochers (Reservations)

Jocelyn has been a Reservations Supervisor for just for a year and has been a strong advocate for her agents in keeping everyone on the same page. She is always looking for ways to help the department grow in their own roles and sets an example that reflects a positive attitude and work ethic. Nothing can stop her.

Tommy Price

March 2019 – Tommy Price (Ski & Ride School)

Tommy has always been a hard worker and fit into our family immediately. Although this is only his second year as an instructor, his work ethic and inquisitive personality have turned him into an incredible lead instructor this year. Balancing instructor and guest needs isn't easy, but he does it with grace and positive energy every time.

Timothy Pepe

February 2019 – Timothy Pepe (Valet)

Whether he is running outside on the coldest days of winter or picking up last minute shifts for co-workers, Tim is someone you can count on. His calm sense of reason and natural leadership abilities ensure his team is well-prepared and happy which translates directly to our guests the moment that they walk through the door, which thanks to Tim is always open.

Fernando Capitan Cumapa - Housekeeping

January 2019 – Fernando Capitan Cumapa (Housekeeping)

Fernando is one of our hardest working J-1 internal students and from day one we just knew he would be a huge asset to our Jay Peak family. He has jumped in to lead teams, stay late during high compression times and can always be relied upon to deliver whatever a guest needs, and swiftly. His command of the English language and work ethic is beyond impressive, receiving countless accolades from his year round team.

Dean Zorn

December 2018 - Dean Zorn (Snowsports)

Dean's job is often a thankless one except for those of us that know his position well. He does his job exceptionally well, fielding the hardest questions and most challenging scenarios with diplomacy and ease. Dean can turn an entire resort experience around for a guest while simultaneously helping the fellow staff around him to create a dependable, successful, well-oiled machine.

Bill Miller

November 2018 - Bill Miller (Housekeeping)

Bill embodies great work ethic. He personifies positive mind set. And he is supremely organized. Every single curve thrown at him is caught with an over-sized catcher's mitt and with an unwavering confidence that permeates throughout the rest of the team. The best part is that he does it all with an infectious laugh, permanent smile and palpable sense of pride.

Carole McLean

October 2018 - Carole McLean (Food & Beverage)

Carole is always at work on time (which is extremely early) to cover all aspects of prep for retail outlets, breakfast buffets for catering and cooking for Buddy's Mug. She never complains and has a great attitude. Carole makes sure that the guests always have a hot and delicious breakfast. Her Magic Bars and Granola Bars are legendary.

Zachary Simon

September 2018 - Zachary Simon (Lodging)

Zach is what the Raised Jay team is all about. Recently he connected with a mother and son guest over a shared love for Marvel comics. The duo continued to check in with Zach throughout their visit, even involving them in an episode on their YoutTube channel. Zach personalized their experience and made it a hit for this family as he does for many others.