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During typical seasonal reduction in operations, you may be eligible to collect Unemployment Insurance benefits. We wanted to take a moment to provide some helpful information and resources to aid in the transition to unemployment for our team members experiencing furlough or a seasonal lay-off period.


    If you have filed for UI in the last 12 months:
    You do not need to reapply for unemployment. You can simply reopen your past claim by logging into the online claimant portal at or by calling the automated weekly claims line at 1-800-983-2300.

    If you have not filed for UI in the last 12 months:
    Establish your initial claim by calling 1-877-214-3330 or 1-888-807-702 or apply online at  


    When do I file a claim?

    You must file sometime between Sunday and Friday within the week that you miss work. You must then continue to file every single week that you are off work to report any hours you worked in the previous week until you are working 35 or more hours per week.

    What info do I need when filing?

    Your driver's license number (if applicable), Social Security Number, Last Day Worked, and a Return to Work Date (if you've been provided one).

    How do I reset my claimant portal PIN?

    Call the supplemental phone line at 1-888-807-7072 for assistance.

    Are additional Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits available to me?

    As of March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has extended Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) through the week ending September 4th, 2021. This plan grants those receiving unemployment benefits an additional $300 per week.

    Are UI benefits taxed?

    Yes, unless you indicated otherwise while filing, standard unemployment benefits will be subject to state and federal taxes.

    Can I receive UI while working part-time?

    Yes, you may file for unemployment when working less than 35 hours per week. It is critical that you report all hours worked and compensation earned during this time, for any job that you work.

    Do I have to perform a work search?

    If you will not be returning to your normal hours within 10 weeks, the Department of Labor will require you to perform work searches for each week you are collecting UI benefits. If you are not working at all, you will be required to perform 3 searches per week. If you are working minimal hours while awaiting your call back to normal hours, you will be required to perform 1 search per week. For more information on the Work Search program please click here.

    What do I do if I forgot to file a weekly claim?

    Immediately call the automated weekly filing line at 1-800-983-2300 or log into the Claimant Portal and file a claim for a back week. You can only file one back week per day. You will receive a message on the confirmation notifying you of when you can log back in or call to file another missed week. After you are caught up, you will need to continue to file a weekly claim each week between Sunday and Friday at 4 pm.

    What does it mean if my claim is being adjudicated?

    This means your claim requires further review by the state to determine your eligibility. The Department of Labor will notify you when the adjudication is complete. Sometimes this process may take several weeks and unfortunately, HR cannot expedite this for you.

    What do I do if my claim is held up or delayed?

    If your claim is still stuck after the standard 10 business days of processing time, please feel free to reach out to HR at to see if we may research this further for you. Please allow for this 10 business day period of time before requesting assistance.


    Will my insurance continue while I'm furloughed?

    Yes, Jay Peak will keep all of your insurances active during furlough. You can make any changes to your current coverages during open enrollment effective for June 1. 

    Can I opt-out of insurance for my furlough period? When would my coverage end?

    Yes, if you wish to end your coverage, please contact HR. Coverage ends on the last day of the month, in which you indicate the cancellation. Please note that if you wish to re-enroll in coverage upon your return to work, you are only able to do so if you experience a qualifying life event (see Benefits Guide for further info). 

    Who is responsible for paying my premiums?

    Jay Peak will cover the premiums for you while you are out of work, however, we strongly encourage employees to make payments directly to Jay Peak, if you are financially able to do so during the layoff period. Payments can be made via check to Jay Peak HR at 830 Jay Peak Rd Jay VT 05859 or by credit card by contacting Katie Tremblay at during the months of May-October. If you do not opt to pay your premiums directly to Jay Peak during the furlough, you will be responsible for making up these premiums from your paycheck, upon your return to work, at a rate of 5% of your gross pay until the debt has been paid in full. 

    What happens to my PTO?

    Any current balances will remain available to you upon your return, expiring on December 4, 2021. PTO will not accrue while you are on furlough, as employees must work at least 64 hours in a pay period for any PTO to accrue. 

    Can I use PTO to cover my premiums?

    No, PTO cannot be used to pay your premiums.

    Can I use PTO on weeks where I am working part-time?

    No, PTO can only be used during weeks of full-time employment.

    If I'm working part-time will I receive deductions?

    Yes, Jay Peak will deduct your premiums as normal. If your check does not fully cover your premiums, we will deduct as much as possible. You can make a payment to Jay Peak for the difference, or we can set up a repayment plan when you return from furlough. 


    Other Information


    NEW FOR 2021 - A new "Live Chat" feature is available on the Department of Labor's website. This option may work well for you if you are experiencing extended wait times by phone.

    If you prefer to contact the Department of Labor by phone please do so through one of the following methods: 

    • Establish an Initial Claim: 1-877-214-3330
    • Claimant Assistance: 1-877-214-3332
    • File Weekly Claim: 1-800-983-2300

    For more information visit the Claimant Support Page

    HR Contact Info
    Or, leave a voicemail at 802-327-2183