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Jay Gear

Give Back Friday | 2019

How do we show thanks? By giving.

Actions over words is our attempt to fully express your role in who we are. And who you are is part of our story, adding another chapter with every passing moment, as the mountain reflects our shared experiences on and off the snow.

We won't blast you with Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday sales, but we will send several tokens of appreciation to our extended family of Jay Peakers in the form of:

  • Lift Tickets
  • Ski/Ride Lessons
  • Waterpark Passes
  • Climbing Sessions
  • Movie Tickets
  • $50 Move Up Gift Cards

On Friday, November 29th we’ll randomly select a set of 300 people to give back to, featuring 50 gifts from each category listed above. Nearly nil will be expected of you, except for checking back in here on Friday to see the full list of winners, and if your name is on it.

We'll continue to look for opportunities to "Jay It Forward" with our employees and guests, across the season ahead.

We're us, because you're you.

Give Back Friday Winners | 2019

Lift Tickets

First Name Last Name
Alexandria Dague
Phil Mee
Vladislav Buzhynski
James Jerram
Hannah Teggelove
Charles Malloy
Cheryl Aldrich
Ashley Blom
Matthew Young
Zachary Vachon
Christopher Gero
Hilary Casillas
Gavin Kelley
Valeriano Sendon
Joe  Kulina
Francis Boucher
Emily Grimm
Iggy McGrath
Scott Brown
Simon Li
Tina Jess
Kenneth Knuth
Ninette Fabian
Peter McNaughten
Drew Tillmann
Ryan Smith
Bill Hogan
Melissa Doak
Colin Gui
Layton Garriepy
Madeline Bowne
Soren Ekstrom
Ying Hong
Zachary Wescott
Mary Carmack
Michael Kelly
Adam Fennelly
Hunter Price
Dale Ober
Cindy Minniti
Evelyn Bell
Kelly Dubinsky
Wesley Woolley
Christian Noel
Abby Herrick
Natalie Masci
Karl Jovin
Thomas Kerner
Robert Baiguy

Ski & Ride School Lessons

First Name Last Name
Chris Rozell
Ke Su
Tyler Michaelson
Christine Farmer
Samantha Speer
Seth Lunger
Beth Wood
Emily Blanchard
Daniel Ingram
Dylan Scherer
Grayson Grenier
Arthur Fallon
Emilia Fantarella
Shona Jain
Kathryn Grossarth
Kimberly Keefe
Joseph Lucosky
Rebecca Pirofsky
Shawn Harnet
Heather McLaughlin
Dave Rocheleau
Lindsey Souliotis
Katie Calkins
Alexis Zajac
Ashton Chevalier
Jeremy Ward
Lily Jessen
Jim Zhang
Graham Fay
Robert Stout
Kim Bean
Edward Poff
Sam Hirsch
James Jordan
Derek Platts
Amanda Fillard
Alejandro Ruenes
Yacine Khalfi
James Morris
Richard Hazel
Jai Kim
Jason Chartier
Pilip Kern
Liz Campbell
Manuel Colmenares
Caleb Nicastro
Shannon Mounsey
Marguarita Dedvukaj
Jeff Monier
Simcha Herrmann

Waterpark Passes

First Name Last Name
Kristel Mattice
Brennan Cross
Cristabel Ketz
Brianna Blunck
Caran Farrell
Gabriel Guilliams
Rylan Morell
Ben Worthen
Crystal Dunn
Jason Lewinski
Fiona Toman
Brooke Baxter
Geoff Cragin
Bodhi Rosenwald
Dante Arroyo
Eric Klammert
Heather Bregartner
Damian Compa
Jose Salazar
Kevin Quiros
Bennett Cappiello
Griffin Quinn
Kate Roberts
Ben Schechter
Frank Servidio
Judy Gao
Melissa Latour
Sara Santoro
Kelly Smith
Andrew Okamoto
William Farnam
Erika Capper
Sean Cleary
Madison Mackinnon
Sue Wilson
Jonathan Levinson
Tonisha Lockely
Rafael Desoto-Merino
Matthew Skarulis
Josh Valenti
Luke Bosco
Craig Wright
Megan Campbell
Sue Mowrey
Amy Bullock
Hannah Salter
Bobby Pichetto
Josephine Crosly
Eric Laizon
Erin Mckenna Dilks

Climbing Sessions

First Name Last Name
Michael Charlebois
Rich Trott
Maria Harrington
Owen Murphy
Anna Jezykowski
Tatiana Cohn
Matthew Wicks
Father Nelson
Richard Norlander
Elizabeth Pobihun
Jasmine Breil
Victoria Eastman
Jacob Cruchet
Megan Gervais
Jim Barcliff
Matt Macdonald
Kyle Clark
Alisha Larocque
Dustin Norsworthy
Dana Robicheaw
Shoronia Cross
Benjamin Alpert
Alexandra Orzel
Sydney Zelhof
Hale Cole-Tucker
Patrick Murphy
Alison Montalto
Lindsey Batcha
Leglynna Volkova
Pat Dunn
Robert Basler
Carolane Martin
Yvonne Liedlein
Shmuel Ginsberg
Denise Stewart
Mary Diantonio
Stephen Weekes
Troy Lyons
Richard Countryman
Lindsay Root
Bo Jiang
Nuri Maher
Veronique Pellerin
Oliver Lantagne
Art Sassone
Amelia Larsen
Gage Coe
Jennifer Fetters
Todd Glassman
Emily Sullivan

Move Up Gift Cards

First Name Last Name
Viktoria Milton
Stephen Soulliere
Colson Chan
Hannah Glanville
Erin Rossignol
Vincent Caccese
Kristin Miner
Kelly Dudash
Lee Cote
Pamela Getto
Miriam Kung
Laura Young
Natacha Carpentier
Sue Connolly
Nicholas Higgins
Michael Dwyer
Kristin Allen
Sophia Paxi
Alexander Petry
Candece Marshall
Brenda Rinehimer
Andrew Prusack
Connor Kelly
Stephanie Samson
Matthew Campbell
Christopher Weiss
Stephanie Lallemand
Tiffany Tibbits
Joshua Cooper
Timothy Osborne
Stefana Mazzucola
Robert Burnett
Amber Wright
Anette Aines
Amy Minor
Elisabeth Lafontaine-Fagnan
Mike Brown
Marilee Peterson
Cassidy Arner
Brie Rutherford
Bethany Olszewski
Cheryl Earle
Stephen West
Jaden Wong
Thomas Shafer
Jimmy Lee
Scott Julian
Caroline Maille
Keenan McPeak
Stephen Laurendeau

Movie Passes

First Name Last Name
Kathleen Cook
John Morrell
Justin Bourbeau
Christopher Erikson
Eliza Rothstein
Sady Pineda Lopez
Lily Nandy
Bonnie Funiciello
Joe Begley
Melissa Cadorette
Jennifer Brezack
Max Michael
Corinna Lancaster
Conner St. Pierre
Rachel Corrow
Jean Mathieu
Noah Smoyer
Jeremiah Wood
Korbin Trombly
Erik Skarin
Joel Wood
Tan Xu
Charles Therrien
Meredith McClellan
Kshaayan Desai-Green
Sarah Vashel
Dylan Paritz
Kristine Flythe
Matthew Rydzewski
Christopher Benn
Rachel Barron
Megan Turner
Kane Tower
Shawn Nautel
Linda Dimick
Paul Kaplan
Danielle Kostrubiak
Jenifer O'Keefe
Richard Nebel
Hunter Lecker
Lisa Robley
Madaghan O'Shea
Cassidy Arner
Megan Gumlaw
Maureen Coccaro
Marcia Lee
Andrew Porzio
Joanna Kenney
Michael Heth
Ken Limdauer
Jordan Hathorn