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Vermont's Only Aerial Tramway
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Nuts & Bolts

Sometimes the most necessary changes are the least visible. Over the last four years our Tram has experienced an overhaul of improvements across the board, from cables to carriages, replacement tower arms to new electronic systems for safety and communication. But one of the more tedious tasks to come out of this larger undertaking came down to the nuts and bolts, literally.

Since upgrade work began on the Tram in the spring of 2016, our Mountain Operations Teams with additional support from other departments and skilled local workers have recently finished an integral part of this four-year process. Over that time they have replaced 5,753 bolts, an equal number of nuts, and twice that number of washers, over 20,000 pieces in all (give or take a few), roughly costing around $25,000 on just those parts alone. 

There were a number of people who worked on the Tram's upgrades, but the majority of the bolt work was done by members of our very own Patrol Team including Dave Marchand, Martin Clements, Graydon Rickert, Dave Orszagh and former patroller Casey Martin.

It's worth noting that out of the endless hours spent on the towers to meticulously replace each bolt, this entire project occurred without any mishaps or minor injuries. Given the amount of climbing and risks involved, this is a testament to the excellent safety procedures that were in place throughout.

As this chapter of Tram work closes, we'd like to extend an astounding #JayPeakThankYou to everyone involved, and their unwavering efforts to get the job done safely. We all know that the weather up here has a mind of its own, and that truth is not suspended through our other seasons, even though these folks all were. 

Thank you from all of us at Jay Peak.