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Real To Steel

A Unique Freeride & Slopestyle Comp With Over $20k In Prizes
All Day

Jay Peak is known for some of the steepest and deepest turns in the East, and our Parks have been growing in reputation and features too. Welcome to our 6th Annual Real To Steel freeride and freestyle event, all in one.


Real To Steel 2024

Sponsors & Prizes

Featuring OVER $20,000 in prizes • Register by March 1st.

We'd like to thank our sponsors for their support in making this event, not only possible, but extremely exciting too. Major sponsors Never Summer, Rossignol, Vans, and Oakley are putting up great gear and prizes for the top finishers. 

  • 1st Place in each snowboard and ski category will win either a Never Summer snowboard or a pair of Rossignol skis, plus two 1-day Lift Tickets and two 1-day Waterpark Passes. 
  • 2nd Place finishers will win, two 1-day Lift Tickets and two 1-day Waterpark passes. 
  • 3rd Place finishers will win two 1-day Waterpark passes. 
  • Judges Choice prizes of Oakley eyewear, Vans Snowboard boots and Vans winter boots will be awarded to other outstanding snowboarders and skiers. 
  • Bib Draw Raffle for two Never Summer snowboards and two pairs of Rossignol skis, Lift Tickets, Waterpark passes, and other prizes for all athletes who didn't place 1st in their bracket. It's a great opportunity for all competitors to walk away with great prizes and some of the best gear in the world.

READ THIS - Athletes in any bracket that has 3 or less competitors registered by Friday March 1st, will be asked to choose one of the following three options:

  1. Opportunity to move UP to the next higher age bracket (if one exists) and compete for podium level prizes.
  2. Opportunity to participate in their original bracket with no podium level prizes (bib draw and Judges Choice prize potential only).
  3. Refund of Registration (and lift ticket, if purchased).

2024 EVENT PLAN & Format: 

This year's event will feature 2 runs through the course with 2 sections in each run.

For those looking to test and blend their freeride abilities on challenging upper mountain terrain and freestyle skills in the park, this is a truly unique event where you get to do both. Competitors will have 2 chances through both the extreme natural terrain and park sections of the course.

  • The "Real" Course Section Venue: The Office - Upper Can Am, directly under the Bonaventure Quad
  • The "Steel" Course Section Venue: The Rusch terrain park on Lower Can Am.
  •  2 runs = 4 scores

There will be clear features that indicate where the 1st half of the run through the natural upper mountain section of the course ends and where the 2nd part of the run through the terrain park begins (competitors will not be judged during the connection between run sections). A gate will be set up at the top of The Rusch park with a queue to enter the 2nd half of the run through the terrain park.  

How it works: Competitors will be judged on line choice, fluidity, speed, trick difficulty, style, and a bit of "je ne sais quoi" appeal.

  • All competitors receive 2 double-up runs. A set of Judges in The Office and another set of Judges in The Rusch park. Two scores in Real, two scores in Steel. Final score is the best score in Real combined with the best score in Steel. 
  • Brackets:  Men and Women. Ski and Snowboard. 2 age brackets: 15+ or 14 & Under (ALL competitors in the U14 bracket must show ORIGINAL proof of DOB such as a Birth Certificate at registration or they will be moved up into the 15+ bracket). 8 brackets total.

Anticipated Day-of Schedule:

  • Registration & Bib Assignment - Bullwheel Bar @ Stateside | 7:45a - 8:45a
  • Mandatory safety meeting @ Bullwheel Patio | 9:00a - 9:05a - To stay qualified, be there with your bib on.
  • Course Inspection (for both courses) | 9:15a - 10:15a
  • 1st run  | 10:30a
  • 2nd run | 1:00p
  • Awards ceremony @ Bullwheel Patio 
  • Hit the Bullwheel Bar for après with live music from Kate Brook Romp 4:00p - 7:00p


  • Registration is limited to the first 90 competitors and WILL CLOSE on Friday March 1st.
  • COST: $80 per competitor + $45 competitor lift ticket (if you need one)



Waiver and Risk Management Requirements:

  • ALL Competitors are required to wear a properly fitted and secured helmet. A helmet that comes off during any part of the run immediately disqualifies the competitor from the competition.
  • Back protectors are strongly recommended.
  • Inverts are not allowed in the U14 bracket.
  • All competitors (or legal guardians for competitors under 18) are required to complete a Jay Peak Waiver prior to the start.


Unless you are comfortable hitting things like a cliff drop on un-groomed natural terrain, or a large jump in the terrain park, this event might not be for you. 

Real to Steel
Contact Us:

830 Jay Peak Road
Jay, VT 05859
United States