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It wouldn't be possible for us to list our complete list of policies because, length. What we will do in the section is highlight various pieces for you to familiarize yourself with. 

If you're looking for details on a particular policy, check out our Employee Handbook. Still not finding the info you need? Check with the Human Resources team for help:, ext 2183.

Employee Handbook

Family Medical Leave Policy

Under the federal Family Medical Leave Act, you are eligible to take up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid family/medical leave within any 12-month period and be restored to the same or an equivalent position upon your return from leave (subject to the terms of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provided you: (1) have worked for the company for at least twelve (12) months and a total of at least one thousand, two hundred and fifty (1,250) hours in the last twelve (12) months; and (2) are employed at a worksite that has fifty (50) or more employees within seventy-five (75) miles. The 12-month period is a rolling 12 months and will be measured backward from the date an employee uses any FMLA leave.

Breaks & Lunch Periods

Jay Peak provides its employees with "reasonable opportunity" to eat and use toilet facilities in order to protect the health and hygiene of its employees. Federal law mandates that if an employer provides a lunch period, it is counted as "hours worked" and must be paid UNLESS the lunch period lasts at least thirty minutes and the employee is completely uninterrupted and free from work.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Drugs and alcohol have no place in the workplace. The resort is committed to providing a safe, healthy, drug and alcohol-free environment for employees. We believe in operating our resort responsibly, which includes reducing injuries, accidents, and property damage. Our drug and alcohol policy applies to all employees and other individuals who perform work for the company and is strictly enforced.

The use of prescription drugs is permitted on the job if it does not impair an employee's ability to perform the essential functions of the job in a safe and effective manner and when it does no endanger guests or other individuals in the workplace. Employees who operate heavy equipment, company vehicles, or are otherwise in safety-sensitive positions and are taking prescription drugs, must report that information to the Department Supervisor and/or Risk Manager.

The resort recognizes that some controlled substances, including marijuana, may be approved for employee use for medical purposes by individual states. Any employee who presents a doctor's prescription will not be excused from compliance with our policies, including prohibition from smoking marijuana at work and possessing or selling marijuana on the property. Nor does the use of medical marijuana excuse the employee from other performance standards. Employees must be fit for work regardless of state statute approval to use a controlled substance.

Sexual & Other Unlawful Harassment

It is our policy to prohibit intentional and unintentional harassment of any individual by another person on the basis of any protected classification including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, religion, disability, physical or mental condition, age, marital status, citizenship status, military service obligation, sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, place of birth or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our employees' personal morality, but to ensure that in the workplace, no employee is subject to harassment. We want to ensure that you have a positive and comfortable work environment.

If you have questions about what constitutes harassing behavior or what conduct is prohibited by this policy, please discuss the questions with your immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

Jury Duty

All employees will be allowed time off to perform such civic services as required by law. You are expected, however, to provide the company with proper notice of your request to perform jury duty and with your verification of service. You also are expected to keep management informed of the expected length of your jury duty service and to report to work for the major portion of the day if you are excused by the court. If the required absence presents a serious conflict for management, you may be asked to try to postpone your jury duty. Employees in Group 1 & 2 are granted a maximum of 15 days of paid jury duty leave per year and exempt employees will be paid their full salary for any week in which they perform any work for the company. All other employees will be compensated for lost pay in accordance with state law. If you are excused from jury duty early or are not required to be present in court, notify your supervisor and report back to work to fulfill your scheduled shifts.

Use of Tobacco Products

Team members who wish to use tobacco products must utilize designated break times to do so and may not be within 50 feet of any resort building. Tobacco products include but are not limited to cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes, vapes, or pipes. Tobacco use is prohibited in Jay Peak Resort vehicles, equipment, or issued uniforms. If you smoke, bring a personal jacket for use during breaks. Handwashing is also required before returning to work. Use of cigarette receptacles is required at all times. In accordance with state and federal law, minors are not allowed to use tobacco products. Please ask your supervisor for the designated tobacco area nearest to your work location.